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Food App Driver in China Sacked For Eating Customer’s Food Before Delivering it




GUANGDONG – A popular Chinese food delivery app Meituan has sacked one of its delivery staff in southern China for helping himself to a customer’s food before delivering it, local media reported.

The delivery man in Sihui, Guangdong province, whose identity is unknown, was seen in CCTV footage – posted on Pear Video on Thursday – eating some of the food and drinking soup from lunchboxes before replacing them, while in a lift up to the customer’s floor on Monday.

The footage shows him taking out the plastic container of food and eating from it, then covering it carefully and putting it back. He then drinks from a bowl of soup before putting everything back in the bag just in time for the lift doors to open.

Xu, the public relations officer for Meituan in southern China, confirmed that the delivery man was eating food destined for customers.

“So far, we have already fired the employee and notified the whole food delivery industry,” said Xu. “He would be banned from the business.”

Xu said the company took responsibility for the incident and had compensated the customer.

“We offer our sincerest apologies,” said Xu. “We will then strengthen the discipline and training of food delivery men in all delivery spots around the nation, and promote the proper sealing of delivery food.”

Last year, another Meituan staff member, in Shanghai, was dismissed after being caught eating customers’ food and spitting it back.

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