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Woman Dies After Second Vaccine Dose Under Mix and Match Program



covid-19,Woman Dies After Second Vaccine Dose Under Mix and Match Program

A 39-year-old woman has died one day after receiving her second dose of vaccine under the Governments new vaccine mix and match program, giving patients the AstraZeneca vaccine after first receiving the inferior Sinovac vaccine to fight covid-19.

The Department of Disease Control (DDC) on Wednesday said the woman who died in the government’s mixed-shot program had underlying health issues but never specified those issues.

The 39-year-old was the first person to die after receiving mix and match vaccines program, which has so far been administered to 84,000 people. Her body has been sent for autopsy at King Mongkut’s Hospital, with results on the cause of death expected soon.

A total of 14.8 million doses of Sinovac and AstraZeneca have been administered in Thailand since vaccinations began in March. Approximately 229 deaths after getting Sinovac and AstraZeneca have been reported, or 16 per one million recipients.

Results from autopsies and panels of investigating experts indicate the deaths were not caused directly by the vaccine but were linked to underlying chronic conditions. The most common of these are coronary artery disease and cerebrovascular disease.

The risk from vaccination remains tiny compared to the risk of being fatally infected with Covid-19, say health authorities.

Meanwhile, there were record 13,655 new Covid-19 cases and 87 new deaths over the past 24 hours, the Public Health Ministry reported on Thursday morning. There were 13,110 cases in the general population and 545 among prison inmates.

Over the past 24 hours, 7,921 Covid-19 patients were diagnosed recovered and were discharged from hospitals. Since April 1, around when the third wave of Covid-19 began, there have been 424,269 Covid-19 patients, 284,951 of whom have recovered.

Since the pandemic started early last year, there have been 453,132 Covid-19 cases, 312,377 of whom recovered. The death toll was at 3,603 in the third wave and 3,697 from the beginning of the pandemic early last year.

The previous high of daily Covid-19 cases was at 13,002 on Wednesday when the country logged 108 new fatalities as Thailand’s vaccine mix and match program continues.


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