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Woman Charged for Cutting Building Workers Safety Line Rope



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A 34-year-old woman in central Thailand faced an attempted murder charge after she allegedly cut a safety line rope being used by two workers on a condominium. The woman has denied the allegations.

Ms. Nichanan Toh, 34, accompanied by her lawyer, admitted to police that she cut the worker’s safety rope the painters were using while painting the exterior of the condo in Nonthaburi province, the Bangkok Post reported.

Ms. Nichanan denied police allegations of attempted murder, saying she had no intention of killing the workers but cut the safety line rope out of annoyance. She told police she didn’t see the public notice posted by the condo administration that some repair work would be done on that day.

After hearing the charges with her lawyer she was released on bail to fight the charges. The incident took place on Oct 12.

The two repairmen were lowering themselves from a rope from the 32nd floor to fix a crack when they discovered the rope was cut by the woman who lived on the 21st floor.  This made it impossible for them to descend by themselves due to the safety line rope being cut.

One of the workers signalled for help and Prapawan Satasing, who lived on the 26th floor, let them in through her balcony. The workers then went downstairs to report the incident to the condo administration.

The condo administration said they had already notified residents in writing that some repair work.  The notice said the work would be done between 9 am and 5 pm on Oct 12. The notice also said the work would involve workers using ropes outside their rooms.

They also encouraged the residents to close windows and put away any items on their balconies.

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