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US Pentagon Chief Says Defending Taiwan Up to the President



US Pentagon Chief Says Defending Taiwan against China Up to the President

The United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen Mark Milley said Wednesday the United States “absolutely” has the ability to defend Taiwan from an attack by China.

He also said he did not expect China would take military action against the island in the next 24 months.

When asked by reporters if the US would defend Taiwan against an attack from China he said “absolutely.”

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum he said the United States maintains a policy of “strategic ambiguity” over its stance on protecting Taiwan. He also said it would be a Presidential decision on whether to defend Taiwan if China sought to seize control of the autonomous island.

The United States has the military capability to do all kinds of things around the world if required,” he said. “We absolutely have the military capability to defend Taiwan, there is no question about that.

Gen Milley said he did not foresee China making any moves against Taiwan in the near future. He later defined the near future as up to 24 months.

Gen Milley also said that China is rapidly building its military and nuclear capabilities.

He added that the United States believes the differences between China and Taiwan should be resolved peacefully. Saying it should be based on the will of the people on both sides.

“Everyone is interested in a peaceful outcome,” Gen Milley said.


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