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US Court Declines to Lift Stay on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate



vaccine, Federal Judge Declines to Lift Stay on Biden's Vaccine Mandate

A federal court judge on Friday declined to lift the suspension of the Biden administrations’ vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees.

Attorneys from Biden’s Justice and Labor Department’s filed a response Monday in which they said ending the covid-19 vaccine mandate would only prolong the pandemic and cost dozens or even hundreds of lives a day. But judge of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected their argument on Friday.

Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt wrote that the suspension of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate was “firmly in the public interest”. Furthermore, from economic uncertainty to labor disputes, the mere specter of the mandate has contributed to unspeakable economic disruptions in recent months, Judge Engelhardt wrote.

At least 27 states have filed challenges to the vaccine mandate in at least six federal appeals courts after OSHA launched its policies on Nov. 4. The federal justice department attorneys said in their courtroom docket filings Monday that the instances need to be consolidated and that one of the circuit courts in which a legal challenge has been filed needs to be selected at random on Nov. sixteen to pay attention to it.

The federal justice department attorneys also stated there’s no cause to maintain a hold on the vaccine mandate, while the circuit court where the cases ultimately land remains undetermined.

Source: The Associated Press

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