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Thailand’s Seizure of Drugs Having Zero Effect on Drug Trade




The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports Thailand’s prison system has had an overcrowding challenge with more than 310,000 inmates held in Thai prisons. Of the 310,000o ver 80% of inmates are incarcerated for drug offenses, and the cases of female inmates are approximately 85%.

The UNODC is assisting Thailand to review and update the national drug law and sentencing guidelines to reduce the prison population in the country over time.

From November 2020 to November 2021 drug suppression authorities in Thailand have arrested about 330,000 suspects. Authorities have taken down 4,925 drug networks and seized 6.5 billion baht’s worth of assets.

Drug suppression agencies also seized approximately 557 million meth pills, 26,867 kilograms of crystal meth, 4,521kilograms of heroin, 46.50kilograms of cocaine, 2,552kilograms of ketamine, and over 430,00ecstasy pills.

Despite the huge amount of arrests and drug and asset seizures, the drug problem in Thailand continues unabated, a spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, said on Tuesday.

The fight against drug gangs and syndicates

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit, who is in charge of national security has instructed all drug enforcement agencies involved in drug suppression to step up the fight against drug gangs and syndicates.

Conflicts in Myanmar and fighting amongst ethnic groups along Thailand’s borders had spurred the production of drugs and their smuggling into Thailand. Particularly through the Northern and Northeast regions of the Kingdom.

Furthermore, the demand for drugs in Thailand and other countries has surged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Deputy Prime Minister has also ordered local administrations to step up drug prevention efforts. Telling the administrations they need to work hard to develop community understanding over the lure of drugs in their communities. He ordered agencies to educate high-risk groups, particularly children and young adults, in all districts and provinces across the country on the dangers of drug use.

Meanwhile, the military, police, and anti-drug agencies had been ordered to closely monitor the borders and nearby areas for smuggling routes. Furthermore, to monitor online communications between dealers and customers and their use of private delivery services.

He also ordered financial regulators to detect financial transaction routes, money laundering to curb the trade in drugs, within Thailand.

Source: Bangkok Post

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