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Thailand’s Army Chief Tells Military to Back NCPO’s Policies



Commander-in-Chief Gen. Udomdej Sitabut

Commander-in-Chief Gen. Udomdej Sitabut


BANGKOK – The army chief has called on all armed forces to adopt the policies of Prime Minister Prayuth’s  National Council for Peace and Order in helping keep Thailand in peace and order.

Col. Sirichan Ngathong, deputy army spokesperson, said that Commander-in-Chief Gen. Udomdej Sitabut has instructed all forces and newly recruited officers to continue the peace-keeping mission by focusing on the promotion of understanding and crime prevention efforts.

Col. Sirichan said that the army chief also stressed that all units must strictly follow the orders of the NCPO when it comes to keeping the country in order so that the national reform process will go on as planned in the road map.

She added that all armed forces units have been told to continue the efforts to promote social orders by encouraging the public to act in accordance with laws and rules and by constantly following up on the implementation of these initiatives. – NNT

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