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Prime Minister Prayuth Threatens to Shut Down Thai Newspaper for Criticising Him




Prime Minister Prayuth Threatens to Shut Down Thai Newspaper for Criticising Him

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha lost his patience at a press conference yesterday, emotionally lambasting a Thai newspaper that criticises him on a daily bias, threatening to shut it down.

He didn’t mention the name of the Thai Daily Newspaper Directly, however he said this papers strongly criticised him on all columns and all pages.

Prayuth said he never read this paper, but was forced to when his aides bought it and showed to him what it said about him.

“I have been in long  patience with it. What’s gone wrong with this papers. It goes mad, picking on me everyday and everyone. I don’t want to read it. If I read it, my patience will burst and that will tarnish my image as a government leader. I will shut it down, really. Otherwise the existing martial law will be useless.”

He then said this was a reason why martial law will stay to ensure smooth reform of the country to return happiness and stability to the country.

He said this was also a reason why the press media needed to reform itself.

But he assured that he would exercise Article 44 constructively  and would never use it to put anyone in jail or put anyone on a firing squad.

He then  said he would lodge a complaint with the press association against the newspaper. – Thai PBS

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