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Thaksin Shinawatra Worried his Sister Won’t Get Fair Trial



Thaksin Shinawatra and Sister Yingluck

Thaksin Shinawatra and Sister Yingluck

SEOUL – Former Prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra voiced concern about the trial of his sister Yingluck Shinawatra saying she might not get a fair trial.
Speaking to CNN’s Michael Holmes about the state of Thailand one year after a military coup in a 4.29 minute video clip, Thaksin admitted  he was worried that her sister might not get a fair trial over the rice-pledging scheme.

He said his sister has been presumed of guilty before the trial, hoping that she would be given a fair trial.

Thaksin also said he wanted his supporters to stay calm and refrain from resorting to any violent mean.

Thaksin alleges that traditional elites helped engineer the anti-government protests that culminated in the coup that overthrew his sister’s government twelve months ago.

“When they didn’t want us to stay anymore, they made Suthep Thaugsuban, leader of anti-government protests come out, and then had the military help him.”

Commenting on the next election that will be held after the constitution become in force, Thaksin voiced no confidence of the election if it will install democracy in the country.

He insisted that he did not do anything wrong, citing no arrest warrant has ever been issued upon him by the Interpol. He blamed politics for his trial and was awaiting for time to return home.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha vowed that the military junta still has strong determination to return happiness to the people though it will take time.

But he also called for cooperation from the people to help achieve the goal as some problems are complicated and needed longer time and their cooperation to resolve.

He recalled the May 22 coup saying he led the takeover reluctantly last year after it became clear that the political conflict would only lead to worse violence and insecurity, According to Bangkok Post.

Thailand was in a deadlock at the time – a democratic trap,” and all normal measures taken under the previous democratically elected administration had failed to break the impasse, he said.

Worsening political crisis at that time threatened to bring the country to collapse as each person had his own ideas.

State officials could not work while law could not be enforced and government could not solve any problem, thus prompting the creation of the NCPO to take control of the situation through the use of special laws.

But he said this was what had happened in the past and that all should cooperate to not let it to happen again.

“I do not want the problems prior to May 22, 2014, to happen again in the future,” he said.”

But he admitted that not all the problems facing the country had been solved in the past year. “Bigger problems needed more time to address,” he said without elaborating. – Thai PBS

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