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Thailand Behind in English Language Education



English programmes in over 200 schools was at risk because schools were struggling to recruit qualified teachers.


Ambitious plans to increase the teaching of English in schools in Thailand are at risk due to lack of funding and qualified teachers, one higher education official has admitted.

Ra-ngubtook Watanaporn, director of strategy for teaching of English in the Department of Education responsible for primary education, he told The Nation that a plan to increase the number of students studying English in special programs in more 200 schools were at risk because schools were struggling to recruit qualified teachers.

In July, the Office of the Basic Education Commission, announced that English language teaching hours would increase and that an initiative of the selected schools to teach math and science in English, English Bilingual Education program is expanded.

But Watanaporn said that a strategy to recruit native English speaking foreign teachers to teach English and other curriculum subjects at risk.

“Schools can not import native English speakers only because it is difficult to find with all the required conditions. Some are good in English but not good in math and science,” he said.

Chainrgai Times – Anna Wong

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