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Thailand Authorities Crackdown on People Selling Favipiravir Online



Thailand - Favipiravir Online

Consumer Protection Police in Thailand has arrested 9 people, including the general manager of a private hospital for allegedly selling the anti-viral drug Favipiravir online without a license and also for profiteering.

Consumer Protection officers also seized 390 packs of the prescription-only Favipiravir in raids in eight locations in Thailand. They were Bangkok, Saraburi, Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi provinces.

Commissioner of Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau told Thai PBS that the general manager of a private hospital used a contact at the hospital to purchase Favipiravir at 2,000 baht per pack. The manager then allegedly sold them to eight other people at a profit.

Favipiravir was subsequently found being sold online to the public at as much as 8,000 baht per pack.

The actual retail cost for each pack is about 1,600 baht.

Meanwhile, the Thai Food and Drug Administration said Favipiravir is produced by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, but the distribution of the medicine is only under the close supervision of doctors.

This is because doctors need to monitor the side effects of Favipiravir. Especially in pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.  It is for this reason, Favipiravir cannot be sold over the counter or online without a prescription from a doctor.

The nine suspects were initially charged with selling a prescription-only drug without aothorization. They were also charged with misrepresenting themselves as pharmacists illegally.

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