Thai military Helicopter Crash -


Thai military Helicopter Crash



Thai military helicopter crash


Five soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed in bad weather during a mission to airlift troops from a remote jungle area in central Thailand, a senior military official said on Sunday. Heavy rain and poor visibility hampered rescue efforts, said Lieutenant General Udomdej

Sitabutr, the commander whose remit includes the Phetchaburi Kaeng Krachan National Park, where the accident happened on Saturday.

Troops at the park confirmed all five passengers were killed, Udomdej said.

The helicopter had been sent to collect about 35 soldiers who had been on patrol in the park as part of measures to combat deforestation, but crashed close to the pick-up site.

The military is considering sending rescue teams in on foot if bad weather continues, but it is expected to take two days to reach the crash site.


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