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Thai Food Delivery Rider Fined after Making his Delivery Naked



Thai food delivery thailand, nude rider

A Thai food delivery rider captured on video riding his motorcycle nude in southern Thailand reported to police on Monday. On Monday, a video surfaced on Thai social media of a naked Thai food delivery driver riding his motorcycle with a Foodpanda delivery bag behind him. The incident took place in Songkhla province in southern Thailand. The video was later deleted by the social media poster.

Media reporters visited the nearby areas where the naked thai food delivery rider was seen. A local vendor said that the sight of the man was unbearable. She also added she never not eat food delivered by him.

A motorbike taxi driver named Bai Aumaoom, aged 66, said that he saw the man park his motorcycle in front of Hua Pom Nok Temple. He then took off his clothes and walked around, and later rode off on his motorbike.

He also mentioned that the naked man later returned to the temple, walked around, and finally put on his clothes before leaving.

On the same day, the thai food delivery rider reported himself to local police. His name was Botsin Dueanchamroon, aged 24. He was fined by Bt500 for being naked in public.

The food deliver rider claimed that he decided to be naked that morning due to a personal problem. Local police never pressed the subject but believe it may have been a prank. Even more the person ordering the food may have offered money to the rider for a naked delivery.

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