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Southern Thailand

Two Filipino Tourists Swept Out to Sea in Phuket Remain Missing



PHUKET – Rescue teams in Phuket are actively searching for two Filipino tourists after they were swept out to sea by high waves and riptides yesterday.

Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation rescue workers have been searching the waters off Freedom Beach by jet skis as divers cannot search in the water due to high waves.

Rough seas obstructed the search for two Filipino tourists, forcing the rescuers to suspend the search operations temporarily for safety reasons.

The search continues today for the two missing Filipino tourists. – Photo Eakkapop Thongtub Phuket News

The search resumed immediately when the weather condition improved according to the Phuket News.

The two two Filipino tourists were named as Angelo Bien Rafael Cortez, 29, and Noah Ibay, 40.

The two missing tourists came in a group of 13 Filipino tourists.

The group went swimming at Freedom beach, Mr Cortz and Mr Ibay were swept out to sea.

Two other group members were rescued by lifeguards.

Safety & Swimming at Phuket Top Best Beaches

Phuket has it share of some of the best beaches in Thailand, with millions of tourist each year coming to visit.

For those tourist who visit Phuket and cannot swim that well the local beaches can be a dangerous place.

If you have never been to the beach then a “Red Flags identifies a No Swimming Areas.”

Anyone stupid enough to swim in a Red flagged area not only puts their own lives at risk but also beach Lifeguards and Rescue team.

The majority of fatal accidents at beaches are preventable if people follow simple safety rules, guidelines and local advice.

“Red flags on the beaches warn swimmers not to enter the water but many tourist simply ignore these warnings”



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