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Nearly 4000 Chickens Burred Alive in Southern Thailand



Nearly 4000 Chickens Burred Alive in Southern Thailand

Thailand’s Livestock Department said Friday it is investigating an animal quarantine facility in southern Thailand after nearly 4,000 chickens were buried alive.

Footage from Thai media shows thousands of chickens at a facility in the Hat Yai district dumped into a muddy put. That’s when the pit is filled with soil, killing all the chickens — drowned, dead and also alive.

The birds were reportedly smuggled from a border town of Malaysia, and found inside several trucks Tuesday.

The incident sparked debate from those criticizing it as animal cruelty. While others who said the authorities did “the right thing.”

Burying chickens alive goes against the regulation of the Department of Livestock Development (DLD). Which states that poultry must be euthanized or have their necks snapped before burial so that they suffer less.

The station also explained that the number of chickens was hard to handle so they used an easier method.

Animal activist Roger Lohanan, founder of Thai Animal Guardians Association, said those who the chickens should explain what happened.

According to guidelines announced by the livestock department, its officers are required to perform euthanasia on animals by “using; chemicals, shooting them by firearms or also shocking them with electricity.

“If the officers use a management method that caused the chickens to suffer. They should be charged with animal cruelty too,”  Roger said.

Source: Coconuts Thailand

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