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Southern Thailand

Muslim Insurgents Open Fire on Passenger Train in Southern Thailand



NARATHIWAT – An unknown number of men fired shots at a Yala-bound passenger train in an ambush in Rueso district on Friday evening. The attack slightly damaged the train but caused no injuries.

The No.454 passenger train with seven passenger cars, from Sungak Kolok station to Yala station, was attacked at kilometer marker 1065 between Rueso railway station and Balo station in Raman district of Yala at around 7.05pm on Friday.

Armed men hiding in a forest area along the route opened fire at the train, which was crossing Rueso River. Train engineer Panarak Jaikrachang saw the armed men open fire and managed to steer the train to Balo station.

Police and soldiers went to the railway station to inspect the damage to the train and found seven gunshots near a window and a wheel of the second bogie.

No passengers were injured from the shooting.

Rueso railway station chief Narong Klamongkhol filed a complaint with police. The investigators believe the attack was the work of southern Muslim insurgents wanting to create unrest in the area.

Meanwhile, three security officials were injured late Thursday night when armed militants attacked a border defence unit’s base near the Kolok River in the Tak Bai district of Thailand’s southern province of Narathiwat. Several houses and cars nearby were damaged by the powerful device.

Initial reports indicate that a group of about 6 militants opened automatic fire at the base, which was followed by a powerful blast from a device attached to a motorcycle parked in front of the base.

Three suspects have been apprehended by police and are being questioned.

By Waedao Harai
The Bangkok Post


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