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Krabi Woman Commits Suicide After Covid-19 Killed Her Business



Krabi Woman Commits Suicide After Covid-19 Killed Her Business

Police in southern Thailand’s Krabi province were alerted on Tuesday to a suspected suicide at a house in the capitol district. At the scene they found the body of a 41 year-old business woman on a bed with a BBQ pot beside her.

Forensic staff estimated she had been dead for around two days. They also say her body showed no injuries or signs of fighting. Her body was sent to Khao Phanom Hospital in Krabi for a detailed autopsy.

A neighbour who found her body said no one had seen the woman since Saturday evening. He said he smelled something burning, so he pried the door open and found her body before calling the police.

Krabi Police interviewed the deceased’s relative and found she had been working as a tour operator on Phi Phi Island for several years. That was until she was forced to close her business earlier this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“She sold her boats and moved back in with her mother a few months ago,” said Niyom, 70, Phimprapha’s aunt. “She had a booming business, with several millions of baht in income that enabled her to travel overseas regularly. But the forced shutdown made her extremely stressed.”

People in Northern Thailand Committing Suicide Over Finances

Police in Northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province have reported a woman, 68, and her son, 41, committed suicide in their home yesterday.  Chiang Mai Police said they were found lying side by side, dead, with a BBQ grill filled with ashes next to their bodies.

According to the sister of the deceased woman, the three lived together after the mother and son returned to Chiang Mai from Bangkok four years ago. Over the past few months, however, both mother and son had been complaining over their finances. They had both lost their jobs and had no income, CityNews reported.

The 65 year old sister said that she had left the house to do some errands and returned to find the dead bodies. There was also a suicide note left by their bodies. The note thanked the remaining sister for her good care and telling her that this was the best solution.

Meanwhile, A 46 year-old school teacher was found dead in his car also with a burnt out BBQ. Chiang Mai Police say that it was another case of suicide.

The 46 year old teacher  taught at a school in Chiang Mai city lived in a house which he bought a few years ago. Relatives said that the man had been suffering from some illnesses and was also stressed by life and his financial burdens. According to Chiang Mai Police he left a suicide note to his relatives.

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