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Royalist in Thailand Seek Expulsion of Amnesty International



Royalist Group in Thailand Seek Expulsion of Amnesty International

Representatives of staunch royalist groups have petitioned the Prayut government to expel Amnesty International Thailand from the Kingdom.

Representatives of staunch royalist groups are seeking to expel Amnesty International Thailand from the Kingdom.

Through the complaints center at Government House in Bangkok, they submitted a letter to the prime minister on Thursday.

According to Noppadon Prompasit, a representative of the institution’s network of protection, the letter asked Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to investigate whether the non-government organization had undermined national security and the monarchy and to investigate its money trail.

Vice Minister Seksakol Atthawong of the Prime Minister Office came to accept the letter. The former red-shirt co-leader assured them that, if he failed to expel Amnesty International Thailand from the Kingdom, he would resign so he could lead a movement to make their wish come true.

In order to achieve this, he proposed two approaches – through the law and pressure from loyal subjects of the monarchy.

Mr. Seksakol, along with the royalist groups, launched a campaign on Sunday to expel Amnesty International. The campaign aims to collect 1 million names.

Amnesty International Thailand has been vocal in its criticism of the government’s suppression of activists seeking monarchical reform.

Panusaya Siithijirawattanakul, a Thammasat University student and one of the movement’s leaders, also appeared in Amnesty International’s 20th Write for Rights.

As part of the project, Amnesty International asked supporters worldwide to contact the Thai government, urging an end to prosecutions and charges against activists.

As part of the campaign, people were also asked to write to the families of the victims.

Furthermore, for more than a year, young activists have taken to the streets. Among their biggest goals was reforming the monarchy. As a result, hundreds of them have been charged with royal defamation and have been held in pre-trial detention.


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