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Parents Seek Compensation Over Police Torture Killing of Son



Parents Seek Compensation Over Police Torture Killing of Son

The parents of a 24-year-old drug suspect allegedly tortured to death by seven police officers are suing the police officers in court. They are demanding 1.55 million baht for the loss of their son.

The parents of Chiraphong Thanapat, 24 on Friday filed a petition with the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases to be plaintiffs. The judges granted their request.

The parents can now join public prosecutors, who have already charged Pol Col Thitisan Utthanaphon, alias Joe Ferrari, and six other police defendants. They have all been charged on four counts related to the death of Mr. Chiraphong Thanapat, 24.

The victim’s parents are also seeking compensation of 1.55 million baht from the police officers.

The Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases formally informed the parents about the four charges the police officers are facing; malfeasance; abuse of authority; torture causing death and also coercion.

Police tortured their son

The father of the victim said after the hearing that he and his wife decided to be joint plaintiffs so they could stay directly informed about the progress of the trial.

“The picture of my son being tortured is lingering in my mind,” he said. “I can never accept that. “I came today to listen to what they said and to seek justice from the court.”

Pol Col Thitisan, the former chief of the Nakhon Sawan city police station in Nakhon Sawan, and the other six accused have also denied all charges.

In court on Friday, they said they had no intention to cause the suspect’s death. The interrogation, they said, was intended to obtain information from him to expand their drug crackdown.

On the night of Aug 4, Mr. Chiraphong and his wife were arrested by Pol Col Thitisan’s team in Nakhon Sawan after the couple sold 300 grams of crystal meth to a policeman posing as a buyer. They were taken to an interrogation room at the police station.

The victim’s wife was ordered to stay silent

Pol Col Thitisan and six other policemen started questioning the pair pressing them to reveal the location where they allegedly kept their drugs. At one point, Pol Col Thitisan used plastic bags to cover the head of Mr. Chiraphong with no holes for him to breathe.

Meanwhile, other police members kept him in a fixed position for more than six minutes until he died of suffocation, the prosecutors say. The body of Mr. Chirapong was then sent to Prince Paknampo Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

When the police officers handed over the body at the hospital, police initially claimed that Mr. Chiraphong had fallen down and become unconscious after being chased. A postmortem examination was then carried out at Sawanpracharak Hospital.

Furthermore, Mr. Chiraphong’s wife was released after her husband’s deadly interrogation and ordered to stay silent.

Pol Col Thitisan surrendered to the Crime Suppression police, after a CCTV security camera video of the torture session was leaked and released on Thai social media.



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