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US Embassy Donates 50,000 Doses of Rabies Vaccine to Thailand




BANGKOK – The U.S. has supported Thailand in its efforts to be free from rabies by 2020 in line with the government’s strategy.

U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies on Wednesday gave 50,000 doses of rabies vaccine to the Department of Livestock Development in support of Thailand’s anti-rabies plan. The vaccines will be used with at-risk animals as well as stray and other unfortunate animals.

The department is responsible for preventing and controlling a rabies outbreak in animals in Thailand.

According to the Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Services, more than 1,400 animals out of 9,400, or 15.6%, have been found infected with rabies in 53 provinces in May 2018.

Most of them were located in Roi Et, followed by Surin, Songkhla and Yasothon.

Earlier this year thirteen provinces have been declared “rabies red zones” after the deadly disease recently spread to several parts of the country, resulting in three deaths.

In Chiang Rai the Livestock Department culled over 100 dogs and cats.

News of the culling of the pets sparked an outcry by activists from seven animal rights organizations, who began a campaign to gather signatures and petition the Livestock Department chief for an explanation from the officials responsible.

By Suwit Rattiwan

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