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Unhinged American Tourist Arrested Again in Chiang Mai, Thailand



An American man has been arrested in northern Thailand for allegedly kicking over public mail boxes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The same man that was filmed last month using racist and nasty language about Thai people.

He was also filmed spitting at passers-by, damaging properties and generously making a public nuisance of himself.

The American man also destroyed a shop window in Chiang Mai while ranting vulgar racist slurs at onlookers. His vulgar outbursts were filmed and widely distributed on Facebook.

Tourist police in Chiang Mai reported they were called to the scene but didn’t find the American. They went to his rented house but he wasn’t there. He later returned to the scene of the incident and was arrested by Chiang Mai police.

Chiang Mai Tourist police revealed he was Daniel James Franchowiak, 46 years old, from USA.

Police also found several CCTV footages of him in the Maejo area, destroying public properties. Franchowiak who is on 3-month tourist visa confessed to police over the damages. He said he got drunk and could not control himself so he pushed and broke the public mailbox.

Chiang Mai police reported that the crime of damaging public property is a non-compoundable offence. Proof would be forwarded to the attorney to be processed in Chiang Mai provincial court.

The tourist police have also confirmed that the American man has been accused of damaging private and public properties in several other areas in Chiang Mai. He is currently in the process of probation awaiting court judgement.

After the cases are prosecuted, immigration police will extradite him out of the country.

Source: City News Chiang Mai

Facebook Post of American Behaving Badly in Chiang Mai

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