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Thai Army Rescues 150 Pangolins in Chiang Mai



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CHIANG MAI – Thailand’s Army Black Rangers have made the biggest seizure of live pangolins in Chiang Mai,  seizing 150 pangolins being smuggled from Myanmar to China. The pangolins have an estimated value of 3 Million Thai Baht (S$125,352).

Pangolins are traded primarily to satisfy demand for their scales, which are believed to have strong medical benefits in traditional Chinese medicine. World Animal Protection said in a statement on Friday that no medical evidence exists to support these beliefs. Tens of thousands pangolins are cruelly poached in the wild and traded illegally, the group said.

Am Last, World Animal Protection’s Thailand Country Director, said: “Pangolins belong in the wild, not in medicine. The trade in these amazing animals is a serious threat to their survival.”

World Animal Protection works with the Thai government to improve welfare conditions for wild animals seized in the crackdown against the illegal wildlife trade. World Animal Protection’s Investigation team assists enforcement agencies and other partners to detect and prevent illegal activity that impacts animals.

Bridget Vercoe, NZ Country Director for World Animal Protection, said:

“Pangolins belong in the wild, not in medicine. The trade in these amazing animals is a serious threat to their survival. We highly commend all involved Thai authorities on successfully intercepting one of the biggest illegal shipments of live pangolins in Thailand. Actions like these help to curb such cruel trade.

“World Animal Protection works to keep wild animals in the wild where they belong and is supporting a comprehensive project to improve the confiscated wild animal keeping skills of the Department of National Parks. We call on the authorities to provide the best possible care for these victims of the illegal wildlife trade.”

World Animal Protection works to protect animals from the illegal wildlife trade and keep the animals where they belong – in the wild. Building on the organisation’s campaigning to phase out the cruel bear bile industry across China, Korea and Vietnam, awareness is growing about the negative impact and unnecessary nature of the trade of wild animals for use in traditional medicine.

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