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Photo Shoot for Miss Thailand Goes Terribly Wrong in Northern Thailand



A harmless photo shoot in Chiang Mai became treacherous when a rope bridge carrying the 30 Miss Thailand beauties snapped under their weight. The contestants had gathered at Pang Pao Beach Resort to record a video and had gathered on the rope bridge for some photographs.

However, the bridge snapped, landing the women in water. Two of them sustained scratches and one suffered a head wound. Paramedics who were on standby rushed to treat them immediately.

The 43 year old owner of the restaurant, and proud owner of the previously pretty little suspension bridge, promised to cover all the treatment costs for the injured ladies. He donated 500,000 baht to cover their medical bills.

”I’ll also pay for the other contestants to have their dresses cleaned professionally. I don’t know why the bridge broke. It is strong, but it just could not handle the weight of the women. In the future, we will make improvements to the bridge to be even stronger.”

The remaining 27 pageant hopefuls will continue on their campaigns for the Miss Thailand crown, but 3 will be sitting it out as they recover from their “interruption”. They will be back in action, no doubt smiling and waving, later today.

Dr. Adisorn Suddee, director of the Miss Thailand 2020 event said that the contest is normally held in Bangkok.

“This time we chose Chiang Mai and we were confident that it would be safe and secure. This was the second day of the contest, and it was unexpected that the bridge would break.”

Miss Thailand Contestants visit Tiger Kingdom

Photo Shoot for Miss Thailand Goes Terribly Wrong in Northern Thailand

Meanwhile, Miss Thailand contestants on Tuesday (Dec 8) made the most of wildlife at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim district and at the Night Safari Zoo in Hang Dong district.

The 30 beauty pageant participants have been on a publicity tour since last week, starting off with a visit to Lamphun, Lampang and finally Chiang Mai. The tour also aims to promote domestic tourism in the North.

The Tuesday program started with a visit to the “I Love Flower” farm and the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden in Mae Rim district, where the contestants posed for photos.

They then headed for the Tiger Kingdom and Night Safari Zoo to take photographs with giraffes, leopards and tigers, before watching the zoo’s Safari Dancing Show that also features wildlife.

Whilst the format has lost favour in the west, beauty pageants are a booming industry in Thailand, with events held regionally and nationally throughout the year. There’s even a Miss Tiffany pageant for transgender women which is highly popular in the Land of Smiles.

Source: Thaiger, Asia One

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