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Pha Muang Task Force Recover 2 Million Meth Pills in Northern Thailand

Seizures of high-purity crystal methamphetamine have surged more than tenfold in Thailand over the past two years. Statistics show, a stark indicator of the growth in industrial-scale production of meth pills in neighboring Myanmar.



Chiang Mai meth pills

Soldiers from the Pha Muang task force have recovered 20 pack sacks containing 2 million meth pills in northern Thailand. The meth pills were recovered a day after soldier clashed with drug runners on Monday.

On Monday, three million meth pills and 27 kilograms of raw heroin were seized. Pha Muang task force solders clashed with about 20 armed men carrying rucksacks near Pa Bong Ngam. About 20 kilometres from the Myanmar border, around 8am.

Two soldiers were also wounded in the firefight and the smugglers fled into the cover of the jungle, Thai media reported.

Chiang Mai meth pills

On Tuesday soldiers and police searched the surrounding forest in the mountains in tambon Muang Na of Chiang Mai, Province.

They found another 20 rucksacks, each containing 100,000 speed pills, or two million pills in total.

Niyom Termsrisuk, secretary-general of the Office of Narcotics Control Board, reports that the Pha Muang task force had clashed with armed drug smugglers six times during the past month. Furthermore a total of 5 million meth pills, 622kg of crystal meth and 32kg of heroin was seized.

Four nation anti-drug campaign

Meanwhile, Over 32 million meth pills have been seized in a coordinated two-month-long anti-drug campaign by 4 lower Mekong countries. The joint campaign was implemented in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The anti-drug campaign was driven by integrated efforts by anti-drugs authorities in each country, said Niyom Termsrisuk, the ONCB secretary-general. Authorities are also hailing the success of the joint efforts of law enforcement.

The aim of the operation was to block the flow of precursor used in drug production. And also prevent the drugs from leaving the production areas of the Golden Triangle.

Over the past two months, member states have seized a combined 32.3 million meth pills; 4.3 tons of crystal meth; 420kg of heroin; 2.9 tons of cannabis; 20kg of ketamine; and 46 tonnes of substances used for producing illicit drugs.

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