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Locals Shame State Railway to Drain Underpass Using Photo’s



Locals Shame Thai State Railway to Drain Underpass Using Photo's

After waiting almost a month for the State Railway of Thailand to drain a flooded underpass, locals in northeastern Thailand figured out a way to get the railway’s attention.

Residents were unable to use an underpass beneath the northeastern railway line since it was flooded by torrential rain on Oct 28. The rain stopped but the road remained impassible as nobody from the railway agency came to drain the water.

Jitiwat Nakchamsilp then came up with an idea to publicize the problem by pretending to turn the flooded road into a new tourist attraction. He, another man and a girl took a floating bed, lounge chairs, fishing rods and picnic gear to the underpass to send an eye-catching message about the month-long flood.

Locals Shame Thai State Railway to Drain Underpass Using Photo's

The Facebook post on Friday went viral, was picked up by mainstream media and eventually noticed by the SRT.

“I decided to post it to get the attention (of the SRT),” Mr Jitiwat said. “People here have nobody to turn to.”

The underpass comes under the SRT’s jurisdiction as it was built for the safety and convenience of residents who live near the Nakhon Ratchasima-Nong Khai line. With the underpass submerged, locals were forced to travel several kilometres to cross the tracks.

Locals Shame Thai State Railway to Drain Underpass Using Photo's

Once the issue grabbed national attention, the SRT rushed to the location with water pumps and then drained and cleaned the road with help from CK Karnchang Plc, a construction firm working on the railway line, along with the Non Sung municipality.

“The drainage system in the underpass was out of order because soil was blocking the pipes,” the railway agency wrote on its Facebook page. “The SRT would like to apologize for this inconvenience,” it added.

Meanwhile, Thailand plans to launch the Bang Sue Grand Station, its mega infrastructure project in 2021 that will not only help ea

It is positioned to strengthen Thailand’s railway system and its connections with the regional transportation network, hence enhancing economic growth.

The Bang Sue Grand Station will replace the grande dame Bangkok Station or Hua Lamphong as the capital’s railway hub with a much larger capacity and seamless connectivity to match Thailand’s regional ambitions

se Bangkok’s traffic congestion but also support the country’s role as a regional transportation hub. – Bangkok Post


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