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Fear of Ghost Man Vows to Sell House After It’s Used in Suicide



CHIANG MAI – Muang Chiang Mai police station have reported that a man had been found hanging in a yet-to-be-finished house in Ban Rong Ruan Kham in Tambon Padaed of Muang district.

Police said that the were alerted at approximately 8:30am that a man between 30-40 years old had apparently climbed the outside scaffolding to the second floor, went inside and used a rope to hang himself from the roof beam.

The contractor, Chaidaen Sodsai, said his workers found the body at 8am and he immediately called police and the house owner.

Chaidaen said the house owner, whose name was withheld, told him that he now wanted to sell the house after it’s construction was completed he could not bear to live there in fear of a bad ghost.

Ghosts and Spirits are No Laughing Matter

If pressed, the majority of the Thai population will admit to believing in ghosts and many claim to have seen them.

The belief in spirits and ghosts is deeply ingrained in Thai culture and all kinds of maladies and problems are attributed to such entities.

he Thais have had a fear of ghosts bred into them from childhood on. When Thai parents want to keep their children away from some place, they generally scare them with ghost stories.

This fear tends to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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