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Doctor Rushing to Work at Hospital Hits and Killed Elderly Cyclist



Doctor Rushing to Work at Hospital Hits and Killed Elderly Cyclist

An elderly man riding a bicycle has been killed in northern Thailand when he was hit from behind by a Honda CRV driven by a doctor.  The doctor on his way to  Bangkok Phitsanulok Hospital on Tuesday morning.

The accident occurred about 8am near a petrol station, Pol Capt Noppadol Mai-ngam, a duty officer, said.

Rianchai Malad, 80, was riding his bicycle in the far right lane when he was hit from behind by a Honda CRV driven by Dr Withaya Pichetvirachai, 35, a doctor at Bangkok Phitsanulok Hospital.

Police said the doctor tried to help him, and rescuers called to the scene performed CPR on the man. They could not save his life. Dr Withaya accepted responsibility for the accident, telling police he did not see the man.

He said had not expected someone on a bicycle to be in the far right lane.

Speeding Driver Killed

Phitsanulok police also reported a driver of a pickup truck was killed when his truck ran off the road and hit a tree while overtaking another vehicle at high speed. The crash occurred about 8.20pm in front of the main gate of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University.

Recordings from the dashboard and rear cameras of another car on the ring road showed the pickup overtook it at high speed. He then ran off the road and into the tree, police said.

The driver, Manit Pornsawat, 49, was thrown out of the vehicle and killed. The front of the pickup was completely destroyed. Manit’s body was taken to Naresuan University Hospital for postmortem examination.

Policeman found dead in Pickup

A police captain was found dead in the backseat of his parked pickup on a road in northern Thailand on Sunday afternoon. The two-door Isuzu D-max was parked on the road shoulder near Huay Fong village in tambon Wang Nok Aen, on the Phitsanulok-Lom Sak highway.

Pol Capt Pitsanu Meesuk, 59, who was stationed at Kaeng Sopha in Wang Thong district, was dead, face down, on the backseat of the extended cab. Local residents reported it to police about 4pm.

Police, a doctor from Wang Thong Hospital and rescuers sent to the scene reported there were no wounds or signs of injury on the body. He was believed to have died at least three hours previously.

Investigators also learned that the man had left his home in tambon Samo Khae in Muang district in his pickup, heading to work at Kaeng Sopha police station.

The body was also sent to Buddhachinaraj Hospital in Muang district for forensic examination to establish the cause of death.

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