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Debris Falling from Fireworks Critically Injures 10 Year-Old Girl



Debris Falling from Fireworks Critically Injures 10 Year-Old Girl

A 10-year-old schoolgirl has been admitted to hospital and is in a coma after being hit on the head by debris from fireworks. The young girl was hit in the head by a piece of wooden from a skyrocket, launched during a cremation ceremony at a temple in northeastern Thailand.

10 year-old Natcha “Nong Milk’’ Sawasdee, a student at Ardwitthaya School in tambon Takhu in Nakhon Ratchasima province, is in critical condition in intensive care. She was injured while waiting for her mother to pick her up at the school around 4pm on Monday.

Part of a wooden skyrocket fell from the sky and struck her on the top of her head.

According to witnesses she collapsed onto the pavement, with blood streaming from her head injury. Bits of exploded  fireworks also hit two other students, but they escaped with minor injuries.

Teachers and parents rushed to provide first aid to the girl. Rescue workers and medics were called and performed CPR before rushing her to Pak Thong Chai Hospital. The young girl was later transferred to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital’s intensive care unit.

The injured girl’s father, Mr Nirut Sawasdee, said on Tuesday that Natcha remained in a coma. A scan showed a piece of wood from the skyrocket had penetrated about 10 centimeters into her skull, he said.

Doctors had told his family to come to terms with the fact her condition was critical.

The father said he did not want to place the blame on anyone and would let police handle legal procedures in the case.

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