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Northern Thailand

57 Year-old British Man Found Dead at Chiang Mai Resort



Police have reported the death of a 57 year-old British expat in the Northern Province of Chiang Mai, Wednesday Morning. The body of Michael David Belcher, was found dead at a resort in Chiang Mai’s Maehia sub district.

The attending medical examiner estimated time of death as 6 to7 hours before the body was found, Thai media reported.

A staff member at the resort, told police that the deceased had arrived at the resort in a white car accompanied by a woman.  The couple checked in at around 11am on Monday. The woman left with the car early on Tuesday morning.

Police found an empty bottle of wine and a canister of liquid nitrogen gas near the night stand. There were no signs of a struggle, wounds or missing valuables. The preliminary cause of death was given as suicide by nitrogen gas.

The body has been sent to Maharat Nakorn Chiang Mai hospital for autopsy.

Last week a foreign man was found dead in a room at the Sukkasem Homestay condo in Suthep yesterday, Sept. 26.

Chiang Mai Police attended the scene at 10 a.m. finding the body of the man dead on his back on the floor of the condo.

There was no sign of struggle or any foul play. The decomposition of the body would suggest that the man, possibly in his 50s, had died several days before his body was discovered.

The body was transported to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy. Police did not reveal the man’s name but there appears to be ID one of the photos from the scene, just not clear enough to read.

Chiang Mai Police also suspects the foreigner may have committed suicide.

Source: The Nation, One Chiang Mai


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