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YouTube Thailand Reports Thais Spend 2.4 Hours Per Day Watching YouTube



Thai People in urban areas average 2.4 hours a day and spend 70 minutes per visit – Post Photo

BANGKOK – According to statistics from YouTube Thailand, Thai people spend an average of 2.4 hours watching YouTube each day, reflecting opportunities for brands and advertisers.

YouTube Thailand, an affiliate company of the world’s top video streaming platform, reports that 46 million Thais watch YouTube.

People in urban areas average 2.4 hours a day and spend 70 minutes per visit, while those in rural areas spend 2.1 hours a day and 60 minutes per visit.

Ben King, Google Thailand’s country director, said advertisers can generate business and strengthen their brands through YouTube, which has been owned by Google since 2006.

YouTube can effectively boost views by 3.5 times for advertisers compared with other social media platforms, Mr King said.

According to the latest research from YouTube and market research agency TNS, 62% of YouTube users in Thailand access the platform several times a day, and 75% access it daily.

Of total active YouTube users, 51% watch rerun TV content, 33% learn something new, 70% listen to music, and 24% search for information about products and services.

One billion YouTube users are active daily globally, and there are 1.5 billion logged-in YouTube users every month, with 400 hours of content uploaded every minute.

YouTube has 80 localized languages in 90 countries.

By Nanat Suchiva

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