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Yes there are Rats in Politics but Thailand’s Parliament Canteen has Real Ones



A rat is eating ready-to-serve food from a tray in a canteen of the parliament club in Bangkok.

BANGKOK – Many people believe there are Rats in politics but in Thailand’s Parliament it’s true, Thailand;s Parliament will hold a “big cleaning day” event in its canteen after a photo of a rat scuttling along a food tray went viral on the Internet when it was posted on Thursday.

Health officials confirmed the poor standard of hygiene at the parliament canteen when they inspected it on Friday.

Yesterday, officials conducted contamination testing on food and containers at the food hall and collected some specimens to take away for examination. The results will be submitted to the Parliament later.

The health officials said the canteen of the parliament club was a building addition, with plywood walls that rats had chewed holes through to enter the food area.

Just outside the walls there were piles of garbage and clogged drains full of stinking water and food scraps, and food containers inside the canteen were also full.

Sorasak Pienwej, Secretary General of the Office of the House of Representatives admitted that the district had found rats in the area, which came through the drainpipes.

He said hygiene boosting measures would start next week, adding that the Parliament might also hire private companies to collect garbage in addition to the services from the district office.

Sorasak told Thai media his office had not ignored the food hygiene problem and would discuss the matter next week to find solutions. Immediate issues would be taken care of as soon as possible.

Source: The Nation, Bangkok Post

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