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Two Women Teachers of the Kachin Baptist Church in Shan State Raped and Murdered



MYANMAR – The two young teachers, aged 20 and 21, are from Wai Maw, Kachin State and Gyarmine Kaung with the Kachin Baptist Church were found dead in their bedroom in a remote village in Kutkai Township in Northern Shan State.
The women taught kindergarten and grade one, and lived in a small room provided by the local church.
Maran Lu Ra and Tangbau Khawn Nan Tsin, aged 20 and 21

Maran Lu Ra and Tangbau Khawn Nan Tsin, aged 20 and 21

According to The Irrawaddy, Villagers discovered the badly beaten bodies when they checked the teachers’s room after they did not appear for morning classes.  The bodies were partially naked and showed signs of violent struggle.

Three neighbours said they heard screams from their house at 9pm on Monday night.

Unconfirmed claims on social media, along with gruesome photos of the two dead bodies, have included accusations that the Burmese army raped and murdered the two women.

The bodies were delivered to a hospital in Muse for autopsy.  Photographs of the bodies and information from the villagers suggested they might have been raped and beaten to death.

The cause of death and the incident of rape have not yet been confirmed by medical professionals.

The Muyanmar army has been accused of sexual violence in conflict and the rumour gained traction among the local community, some of whom claimed that the area has seen a recent rise in military presence.

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