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Two Pre-Teen Boys Ransack Thai Elemetary School “Just for Fun”



A teacher points at damage caused to a classroom at Ban Mung Nongtae School by two young boys.

SISAKET – The parents of two young Thai boys aged 8 and 9 are facing a hefty bill after they broke into a primary school and ransacked a classroom, causing more than 60,000 baht in damage, apparently just for fun.

Pol Capt Kittithat Chanthasen, duty-officer at Phayu police station in Sisaket Province said they made a huge mess of the classroom for Prathom 6 students in a single-story building at Ban Mung Nongtae School in tambon Phayu.

According to the Bangok Post teaching materials, a computer, a television and other equipment were destroyed and books torn to pieces and scattered about the floor.

White boards were coloured in black and cartons of school milk opened and spilled all over the floor, which was also left soaked with water colours.

The deputy director of the school, Ms Supin Sing-ngern, said there was no one there when the break-in occurred.  Teachers and other staff were away on a study trip and the school is closed for the end of semester holiday. They were greeted with the destruction when they returned.

Pol Capt Kittithat Chanthasen said the vandals were two brothers, aged 8 and 9, who were Prathom 3 and 4 pupils at another school in Muang district.

Police took the boys in for questioning on Wednesday. The youngsters confessed to having ransacked the classroom, and explained that it was just for fun, not any ulterior purpose.

Pol Maj Gen Suradet Dentham, chief of Si Sa Ket police, said the boys told investigators they had broken into the classroom to play.

The school estimated the damage caused to the classroom at 62,692 baht and asked the boys’ parents to pay.

This left the parents, both construction workers, in tears. They said they could not find such a large sum of money to pay for the damage caused by their sons.

The school director later assigned his deputy to meet the parents and the boys and they agreed on a reduced damages payment of 40,000 baht. The parents promised to pay in monthly instalments.

The school was satisfied and agreed not to take action against the boys, said the police chief.

Sisaket, is one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are Surin, Roi Et, Yasothon, and Ubon Ratchathani.

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