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Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Comes to Aide of Thai flight Attendant




Qu Yan proceeded to lie the man on the ground and check his pulse



BANGKOK – Weeks Four unruly Chinese passengers, one of whom scalde an Air Asia stewardess with hot water tarnished the image of Chinese travelers, one Chinese passenger has finally stepped up and restored a bit of China’s reputation over Christmas.

A retired traditional Chinese medicine practitioner came to the aid of a Thai flight attendant on an Orient Thai Airlines flight and her heroic actions have not yet received the praise they deserve say’s Coconuts Bangkok

According to Coconuts Bangkok Ms.Qu Yan reportedly rose from her seat as the captain of flight OX618, flying from Nanning to Bangkok on Christmas Day, announced that a male flight attendant was suffering from an abdomen colic and needed immediate help.

Qu Yan said she was a practitioner with 40 years of experience, she then proceeded to lie the man on the ground and check his pulse.

After deciding that his condition was stable, she told the pilot there was no need to turn the plane around as the flight attendant was fit enough to last the three-hour flight.

She said painkillers would not relieve his pain but instead suggested a massage to help ease the spasm, according to China News.

“Evil deeds spread a thousand miles,” a Chinese proverb says.

While the noodle story received worldwide recognition within hours of it happening, this story of heroism has not been covered in popular Thai media channels five days after it happened.

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