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Three Teenagers Arrested Related to Bomb Blasts in Bangkok



BANGKOK – Three teenagers have been arrested for allegedly hiding a ping-pong bomb off Rama IX Road that exploded and injured three road sweepers Friday.

Pol Maj-General Thirapong Wongratpithak, commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 4, said the three students allegedly hid the bomb in a bush near a wall in Soi 57/1 off Rama IX road.

The blast ruptured the eardrums of two of the workers, and scratched the retina of another.The workers had found a knife and a pen gun on the wall and were checking a small black ball on the ground when it exploded.

Initially, police thought this explosion was related to the other bombing blasts in different sites in Bangkok also on the same day.

Different Bomb Blasts

However, the Metropolitan Police Division 4, which oversees the area, said later that this blast was not related to the four other blasts as the type of bomb used was different from those at other locations.

Thirapong said the three students names are being withheld because they are 15, 16 and 17 years old.

Adding that the three have admitted they hid the bomb, but did not expect it to explode.

He said the suspects will not be sent to court as they have to be interrogated by officials from different agencies in line with the juvenile protection law.

Police are focusing their investigations related to the Rama IX on rivaling schools, as the area has seen several fights breaking out between students.

Men from Deep South Confess

Wildun Maha, left, and Luai Sae-ngae, right,allegedly confessed to the crimes of laying bombs and arson devices across Bangkok

Two men have confessed to laying and detonating bombs around Bangkok in revenge for military operations in the Deep South, a police source told the media Saturday.

According to a report on Channel 3 which was later disputed by the prime minister himself, Wildun Maha and Luai Sae-ngae – both natives of Narathiwat province – have confessed to the crimes of laying bombs and arson devices across Bangkok, most of which were detonated on Friday.

The unnamed police source said the pair intended the bombing spree to be in retaliation for the death of a friend who died while under military custody in the southern region.

Source: The Nation, Khaosod
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