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Thailand’s Road Death Toll Breaks 200 on the 4th Day of New Years



Thailand’s Road Safety Center reports that in the first 4 days of New Years “7 Dangerous Days” there have been 1,988 accidents, 208 Killed and 2,031 injured. Drunk driving is also the number one cause of accidents and death.

From Friday to Monday, 4,856 people were prosecuted for drink driving, 63 were repeat offenders. Casualties remained high even as authorities tried hard to campaign for road safety.

On the first four days of the “7 Dangerous Days” Bangkok saw the highest death toll of eleven. The number of injured people peaked at 66 in Nakhon Pathom Province. The highest number of accidents happened in Chiang Mai with 61. Furthermore 16 out of 77 provinces in the country remained free of death from traffic accidents.

On Monday alone, there were 485 road accidents and 48 people were killed and 484 injured. Consequently Drunk driving remained the most common factor. Drunk driving was responsible in 33.2% of the accidents, followed up by speeding (28.7%). Even more motorcycles were involved in 81.8% of all accidents in the Nation.

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