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Thailand’s Ministry of Transport Prepares Road Safety Measures for Songkran’s Seven Dangerous Days



BANGKOK – Road safety is a big issue every long holiday season in Thailand. Authorities always come up with fresh ideas to curb traffic accidents which claim hundreds of lives over major holiday periods.

The death toll from road accidents during each Songkran or New Year festival can reach 300-400 a year.

Today Thailand’s Ministry of Transport said they are ensuring road safety for people during the Songkran holiday by tightening safety measures on 111 dangerous routes and putting up signs to advise people to be extra cautious.

Transport Minister Arkhom Termphitthayaphaisit has disclosed a plan to safely accommodate road travelers throughout the Songkran festival. It is estimated that the number of people who travel by public transport will increase by 8.66 percent.

The number of vehicles on major roads is expected to reach 7.6 million, an increase of 3.43 percent on the Songkran festival last year.

The Ministry of Transport has issued measures to reduce the number of accidents and ensure that there are no stranded passengers. It has also tightened safety measures on 111 dangerous routes where accidents have often occur.

The Ministry of Transport has installed flashing lights, traffic cones and check points in many risk areas. The authorities will also patrol the roads. The ministry aims to reduce the number of accidents on 111 dangerous routes by 10 percent.

By Supawadee Wangsri

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