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Thailand’s ‘Floating’ 3D Crosswalks That Make Drivers Stop



Children in walking on the 3D crossing look as if they are stepping from one white lines, floating well above the road to the next; But it is just an optical illusion, created by a volunteer group aimed at making crossings safer for pedestrians.

Up close the trick of perspective is lost, but for any driver approaching the crossing seeing people apparently walking on floating white lines should make them stop.

The 3D crossing outside Wat Bueng Thong Lang school on the outskirts of Bangkok, was painted by students and volunteers. with funding from Thailand’s Government Savings Bank. During the past few months they have painted six near schools and temples.

Parent Uthit Sak-Udom, who drives his daughter to school each day, thinks it is a good idea.

“When I look at it, it looks like people are levitating above the road. It attracts my attention,” the 42-year-old dad said. “And I think the kids like to walk over it, as it makes them feel like they are walking on air.”

According to statistics from the National Health Security Office (NHSO) there were 10,672 accidents involving pedestrians in Thailand. Over 900 of the pedestrians have died in crosswalk accidents.

A survey done by Super Poll in 2016 reported that about 90 percent of 1,204 people surveyed said they felt ‘unsafe’ at crosswalks. Even when using a big white painted zebra crosswalk.

The group behind the novel approach to 3D crosswalks has at least three projects to complete in the next six weeks. Government Savings Bank officials are also reviewing whether to extend further support for the 3D crossings.

3D Road Crosswalks Painted in Bangkok


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