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Thai Woman Indicted for Murder of 83 Year Old Japanese Man



BANGKOK -The Attorney-General in Thailand have indicted Poranee Napadol and two accomplices for the murder of her Japanese husband, Kazuo Yoshioka.

Lt Col Somnuek Siangkong,  said the case was forwarded to the Ang Thong court on Friday. Based on evidence linking the three accused to the slaying of 83-year-old Kazuo Yoshioka on Oct 13.

The accused are his 48-year-old widow Poranee Napadol, Sampan Jaemjaeng, 46, and Sarawut Sa-ardsri, 40.

Mr.Yoshioka was slain at his home in Wiset Chai Chan district by Mr Sampan and Mr Sarawut, who had been hired by Ms Poranee, according to the indictment.

Mr Samphan, who is Ms Poranee’s brother-in-law, was arrested in Saraburi on Oct 15, 2015. The victim’s widow was apprehended a day later, the arrest date of Mr Sarawut was unknown.

Ms Poranee went to stay with her mother, leaving her husband at home so that the two men could carry out the killing of her Japanese husband.

Mr Sampan said he had received 40,000 baht from his sister-in-law, who was having an affair with another man in Chanthaburi, the officer added.
83 Year Old Japanese National Kazuo Yoshioka was murdered in October 2015

Yoshioka was stabbed in the abdomen and his throat was slashed while he was sleeping, according to the police.

The killers also fled with his valuables.

Mr Sampan had confessed to the charges, while Ms Poranee and Mr Sarawut decided to fight the case in court.

“This is an important case given the brutality of the murder and the fact that the victim was a foreigner. The Japanese government and press have closely monitored the progress,” he added.

The court has set Feb 8 as the date for the first hearing.

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