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Thai Police Hunt Couple for Sexually Abusing and Torturing 12-Year-Old Daughter



The mother reportedly forced her daughter to drink beer before asking her new husband to rape the girl

The mother reportedly forced her daughter to drink beer before asking her new husband to rape the girl

SURAT THANI – Police in Koh Samui district of Surat Thani are hunting down a 26-year-old man and his wife for allegedly sexually abusing and torturing his12-year-old stepdaughter with the consent of the girl’s mother.

A team of police searched the rental house of the accused couple in Koh Samui district of Surat Thani on Saturday, but failed to find them, said Pol Col Paithoon Krajajang, chief of Koh Samui police station.

On Friday, a 43-year-old man from Lamphun took his 12-year-old daughter to file a complaint with police accusing her stepfather of allegedly raping her with the consent of her mother, said the Bangkok Post reported.

The mother reportedly forced her daughter to drink beer before asking her new husband to rape the girl. If the girl refused, the couple beat her and sometimes poured boiling water on her, Thai media reported on Saturday,

The girl’s father told police that he and his former wife had worked as hired hands on Samui island for several years. They later separated when their daughter was three years old. His wife moved to live with her new husband, identified only as Boy, 26, a native of Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Tha Sala district.

After their separation, he took his daughter under his care. Things became worse last year when he was caught using illicit drugs and had to undergo rehabilitation treatment for 10 months at a prison in Koh Samui district. His daughter had to stay with her mother and her new husband at their rental house in the district.

After the man was released from jail three days ago, he went to pick up his daughter at the couple’s house, but was told that they had moved out. He was shocked to learn from neighbors that his daughter had been sexually abused by her stepfather.

He immediately looked for the couple’s new rental house and found his daughter there on the night of May 28. The girl burst into tears when seeing him and he found she had several bruises on her body.  He got angry and engaged in a physical assault with Mr Boy before taking his daughter away.

His daughter told him that she had repeatedly been raped by her stepfather with the consent of her mother. Mr Boy had threatened to kill her if she told others. Two weeks ago, the stepfather had tried to rape her again, but she resisted. The couple got upset and poured boiling water on her body.

Pol Col Paithoon said police had looked into the complaint and found the girl had been sexually and physically assaulted. Health check-ups also found there were traces of rape on the girl’s body. The Koh Samui provincial court recently approved an arrest warrant for the two suspects.

The Samui police chief said the couple were believed to be hiding in the district and they would be caught soon.

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