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Thai Junta Government Considering Lifetime Driving Ban for Drunk Drivers



The Royal Thai Police say the primary cause of road accidents in Thailand was a lack of traffic discipline among motorists, not drink-driving

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Junta Government the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is considering banning drunk drivers for life as it considers tough new curbs on alcohol consumption, according to a source inside the council.

Along with mulling the possibility of banning drunk drivers from driving for life, the source said the NCPO would also give priority to suppressing the distribution and sale of contraband liquor.

The source added immediate disciplinary action could also be taken against state officials caught drinking alcohol in their offices or while on duty.

The council is working to cut down on the number of people who suffer from alcohol-related problems to promote a higher quality of life not only for them but also their families and friends, the source said.

According to the Bangkok Post the NCPO  said it would show “no mercy” against shops located close to schools and universities which sell alcohol to students.

The comments comes as an opinion survey by Super Poll revealed 83% of respondents supported the government in its drive to curtail people’s consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The respondents also opposed any move to amend the Alcohol Beverage Control Act, which might do more harm than good, they said.

The Thai Alcohol Beverage Business Association earlier this month called on the public and private sectors to find a way to remove ambiguities in the act.

The association also said the law gave state officials discretion in issuing alcohol control regulations.

The association cited a survey by the Royal Thai Police saying the primary cause of road accidents in Thailand was a lack of traffic discipline among motorists, not drink-driving, which was ranked in seventh place.

The findings from the survey reinforce the reality that alcohol is not the main cause of the road accidents which cause so many fatalities up and down the country, said the association.


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