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Thai Government Strengthens Child Sex Law



Guards stand holding weapons at Bangkwang Central Prison where suspected Russian arms smuggler Viktor Bout is being held in Nonthaburi Province


BANGKOK -National Legislative Assembly endorsed today an amendment to Article 277 of the Criminal Code punishing anyone who is less than 18 years old, who rapes a minor aged 13-15 with or without his/her consent will be liable to punishment even if both are allowed to get married by the court.

Assemblyman Wallop Tangkhananurak said that the admendment was meant to discourage people from committing sexual offences against a minor even if he or she consented to the commission of the offence.

He explained that most parents of the victims agreed to accept compensation from the families of the offenders so that the victims and their tormentors could get married and escape punishment.

Under the amendment, the offenders will be required to report themselves to the court periodically or placed under behavoural control. – Thai PBS

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