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Thai Government Defends Blocking Pornhub Website in Thailand



Thai Government Defends Blocking Pornhub Website in Thailand

The Minister of Digital Economy and Society on Thursday defended his decision to block access to Pornhub website in Thailand. Saying pornography on PornHub and other porn sites violates children’s and women’s rights.

Buddhipongse Punnakanta acknowledged that Monday’s move to block access to Pornhub and other sites had triggered an outpouring of public complaints over government censorship.

“I believe that people who have children will understand the ministry’s move, because the site contains lots of inappropriate video clips,” he said, adding that the ministry did not intend to bully anyone.

He said porn websites that give access to users of any age must be closed, as they violate the law, as well as children’s and women’s rights.

“Currently, ministry officials are dealing with hundreds of websites. If any violate the law, we will submit the evidence to court,” he said, confirming that the ministry is also dealing with gambling websites.

It was up to lawmakers to decide whether to review the law on users’ age, he added. Pornhub and other pron sites have been accessible in Thailand for more than a decade before Monday.

Many Thai users trended the #SavePornhub hashtag on Twitter and criticized the shutting of a site in Thailand. The website was among the Top 20 by daily traffic for Pornhub in 2019 and which has a globally-known sex industry.
According to Pornhub, Thai users spent more time on the site last year, at 11 minutes and 21 seconds, than elsewhere in the world.

Father arrested for allegedly raping his daughter

Police south of Bangkok have arrested a father for allegedly raping his daughter, a child under 15, at his relative’s house in Samut Sakhon’s Muang district. The police action came at 7pm on Wednesday after the Thonburi Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant.

Back in October, an aunt of the 13-year-old girl filed a police complaint stating that the father, 39, had been raping his own daughter for about two years. Allegedly on average once or twice per week, until the girl decided to run away to live with her aunt.

Police sent the girl for a physical check-up at Hospital and found that she had been sexually assaulted. The young girls had no other physical injuries. They requested an arrest warrant Asia One reports.

The father, who used to work as a security guard, reportedly denied the charge. He also said he would only provide additional details via his lawyer.


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