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Singaporean Cyclist Killed After Being Struck by Five-Tonne Lorry in Chiang Mai




CHIANG MAI – A Retired Singaporean businessman Mr. Denison Seah, 57, was killed in an accident on Sunday morning (July 1) while on a casual ride in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he had lived for the past three years.

Mr.Denison Seah was cycling with his Thai girlfriend when he was reportedly hit by a five-tonne lorry on a two-lane road.

Mr Seah’s Thai friend, told The New Paper yesterday that the couple were on a popular cycling route in the Hang Dong district, heading from his home in the town of Mae Hia to the Samoeng district, when the accident happened.

“He died while he was being taken to the hospital after the accident.”

Pictures of the accident circulating on Thai social media show a cyclist believed to be Mr Seah lying in a pool of blood, and a distraught woman, believed to be his girlfriend, kneeling beside him on the road.

Mr Seah’s daughter, Miss Christine Seah, 27, said she will be flying to Thailand on Monday with her uncle to bring her father back for a funeral in Singapore.

She said she was still unclear on the exact details of what had happened but added that her father moved to Chiang Mai about a year after her mother died in 2014.

“We were not always on the best of terms, and I last saw him two years ago when he came back to Singapore for a while,” Miss Seah added.

“He was happy there. This was really sudden and unexpected, but I guess the comfort we have is that he went out doing what he loved most.”

She said she regretted not reaching out to him when she had the chance.

“We are both the type who aren’t open with our feelings and did not know how to show affection.

“I made the mistake of not talking to him more, not telling him that despite all our fighting and dramatics, that I loved him very much and was thankful that he had raised me to be the person of extreme resilience that I am today.

“Rest in peace, dad. I am sorry I was not there.”

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