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Road Safety Campaigns Launched During Songkran Holiday



Police and related agencies will be enforcing and fines for riding in the back of pickups after Songkran.

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Road Safety Directing Center has launched a campaign to encourage conscientious driving behavior, in order to reduce road accidents during the Songkran holiday.

Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda, as chairman of the center, inaugurated the campaign in collaboration with related agencies. The campaign encourages safe, lawful and conscientious driving behavior. Measures range from vehicle regulations, road safety measures, stringent law enforcement, emergency rescue procedures, and maritime safety measures.

The campaign will ensure the strict enforcement of traffic regulations from April 11th to April 17th. Officials will be deployed to various risk areas across the country from 12:00pm to 12:00am, establishing safe zones for water festivities free of alcohol.

Gen Anupong gave his blessings to officials during the kick-off ceremony and encouraged them to pay their respects to their senior relatives, in accordance with Thai traditions.

Meanwhile, The Expressway Authority of Thailand is aiming to reduce road accidents during the Songkran period. It has set up six service centers across Bangkok, including the outbound tollways of Bang Pa-in, Bang Na, and Bang Kaew. The authority is reminding commuters to abide by traffic regulations, especially the use of seat belts and prohibitions against alcohol consumption.

Chairman of the Expressway Authority of Thailand Gen Viwat Suchart revealed that his agency has waived tollway fees for the Bang Na to Chonburi expressway from April 11th – 18th.

More information is available from or the mobile application, Exat Its.

By Jettana Pantana

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