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Retired Welshman Jumped to His Death in Pattaya After His Thai Wife Left Him Destitute




PATTAYA – A retired British businessman who fell 18 floors to his death after his Thai-wife spent all his money,  created a debt of Bt 2,150,000 (£50,000) financing her lifestyle and family in Thailand, then divorced him.

John Toms, 68, a father-of-one from Wales, was found sprawled on the pavement in a pool of blood outside an apartment building in the city of Pattaya at about 1am on Wednesday.

Just hours earlier, he had signed divorce papers with former Thai partner Thanyaporn Donsakul, 55, who had found a younger partner.

Court papers show that in June 2012, while Mr Toms was holidaying in Pattaya he met Thanyaporn in a local beer bar and they became engaged the following month, he sold all his belongings to financially support Thanyaporn and he moved to Thailand to be with her.

John Toms, 68, a retired businessman from Wales, was found dead outside an apartment block in the Thai city of Pattaya on Wednesday, hours after divorcing wife Thanyaporn, 55

However, within five years Tom’s £50,000 in debt, after his savings had apparently been whittled away, allegedly as a result of shelling out over £100,000 on his new bride and her family.

Prior to his death in Pattaya on Wednesday, Mr Toms had returned home with Naritha Daosri, 49, his new girlfriend, before telling her that he was going to sit out on the balcony.

Naritha said she went to check on him around 1am but was horrified to find him sprawled on the ground next to a communal swimming pool.

She called emergency services, but Mr Toms was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are now investigating, but believe John killed himself ‘due to personal issues’.

Grief-stricken Naritha said: ‘We went out to rent a car. John went to the court to file papers to divorce his ex-wife.

‘The last two or three days, John liked to sit on the balcony a lot. Intuitively I felt something wasn’t right and I was watching him closely.’

Naritha said she went out in the early hours of the morning to the balcony and saw John’s body below. He had landed on the fifth floor mezzanine.

She added: ‘I can’t believe he has done this. I thought we were going to spend so much more time together.’

Mr Toms with his former wife Thanyaporn. The couple sold imported goods from their shop in Thailand. They divorced after she found a younger partner

John had a business registered in the UK with his former wife. They had one teenage daughter together. Their shop, named Sawasdee Thai Fashion Jewellery, sold imported goods.

The British Embassy has been informed.

Major Kamon Apararat at Pattaya City Police Station, said: ‘Initially, the police recorded images of the scene as evidence. The body was also sent to the forensic hospital for examination.

‘The cause is presumed to be suicide due personal problems. We believe that this is why he jumped from the building.’

Source: Daily Mail

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