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Pokemon Go Fever Spreading like an Epidemic in Thailand



Pokemon Go account
..BANGKOK – As Pokemon Go fever is now spreading like epidemic with people either youths or adults taking to the streets, public parks, shopping centres, local government offices, temples, tourist locations scouting for rare Pokemon characters, now the military is unhappy with the game playing.

.At least a military barrack in Khon Kaen has banned any player to catch Pokemon in its compound. A sign was posted in front of an Army barrack warning of a three day detention for catching a Pokeman in the area.

Airport Rail Link service warning on Pokemon Go users


Thailand’s SRT Electrified Train Company which operates Airport Rail Link service today posted on its Twitter warning commuters of catching Pokemon at the train stations, particularly at train platforms, for their own safety.

At the same time, metropolitan traffic police warns motorcyclists and motorists of playing the game while driving, saying it is a blatant violation of traffic law.

A fine from 400-1,000 baht will be imposed on violator, said Pol Col Ekarak Limsangkat, deputy commander of metropolitan traffic police division.

Pol Col Ekarak Limsangkat told Thai PBS the police understood the players of the game but they should also not to cause traffic problem and abide by the traffic law.

Thai have gone crazy to level up in their Pokemon Go account


Elsewhere in the capital and cities in the provinces, students were seen gathering at public parks, temples, to catch Pokemon after classes in the afternoon. They have gone crazy to level up in their Pokemon Go account.

Teen street racers who normally would gather at midnight to start bike racing on streets were seen to gather at some public parks instead, scouting for Pokemon soon after the launch of the game four days ago in Thailand.

One teenager said now the game attracted so many bike racers from racing on streets to meet together at public places instead to join in the hunt for the rare Pokemon.

The game seemed to help ease the problem of street racing by teenagers as now they gather to hunt for Pokemon, citing past weekend when there was no report of street racing in either the capital or other big cities in the provinces, he said.

Meanwhile office workers were also seen at public places, transportation, holding and staring at their mobile phones scouting for the rare Pokemon.

Some motorcyclists were also seen stopping by the side of roads instantly searching for the cartoon characters.

So far there was no report yet of accidents from Pokemon Go playing.

But the national telecom regulator and mobile phone operators have met with agreement that they issued manuals for their customers advising safe playing of the game. It also issued zoning for game playing.

Safety announcement Airport Rail Link for pokemon go users

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