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Pattaya Police Raid Local Markets for Vaping Equipment



Pattaya police launched a raid at Threpprasit Market looking for pirated goods and vaping equipment. The raid comes after they conducted a search of a house whose owner was allegedly selling vaping equipment on social media.

Police officials have stated that the Chonburi area is having another enforcement period over vaping gear. The official reason given was because vaping was dangerous to public health.

They stated concerned citizens reported the vaping equipment being sold to the police.On Sunday police also the raid at Threpprasit Market in the Pattaya area.

They discovered a 24 year old man, selling banned vaping devices and he was arrested at the scene. He admitted to breaking the law and will face legal penalties under the consumer protection act.

Two other market vendors were detained for selling fashionable orthodontics and designer braces. Both of these items are against the law to be sold without a proper dental license. They were arrested and also admitted to the crime. Saying their main clients were teenagers who could not afford the equipment at a proper dentist.

News Source: Pattaya News

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