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Pattaya: Enraged Wife Cuts off Husbands Penis for Sleeping with her Best Friend



The unfortunate man has lost a lot of blood and although surgeons will attempt to re-attach the severed member

The man has lost a lot of blood and surgeons will attempt to re-attach the severed member.



PATTAYA – British playwright William Congreve‘s saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” came to light in the resort town of Pattaya when a woman sliced off her husband’s penis in a fit of rage after finding out he had slept with her best friend.

The incident happened after she plotted to get even upon finding out about her husband’s affair. After calming herself down she then began to flirt with her husband to arouse him. As he relaxed and enjoyed himself she produced a sharp knife and sliced off his penis

Medics in Pattaya rushed to the scene of a man screaming in distress, reported Pattaya One.

The 47-year-old was sitting at the side of a street crying and holding a bag of ice around his groin.

His wife, 39, was also present at the scene, looking furious. However, she had a sudden bout of sympathy for him after the fact and decided to ring emergency services.



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