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Passenger Van, Freight Truck Crash, then Careen into a Canal Drowning 10 People



KANCHANABURI – Police, rescue workers and drivers were summoned to an accent scene in Kanchanaburi Province,(famous for the bridge over the River Khwai), after a passenger van and a freight truck collided, then careened into a canal killing 10 people.

The fatal crash occurred at the Srasetthi intersection in tambon Ban Muang around 12.20pm when the passenger van carrying the workers collided with the trailer truck. The force of the crash threw the two vehicles and all 14 people traveling in them into a roadside canal, according to a rescue team and local media reports.

About 100 rescue workers, divers, police officers and soldiers were on the scene searching for the victims. Eight bodies were retrieved from the canal. The dead included a pregnant woman. Four people were safely rescued and taken to a nearby hospital, said a member of the rescue team.

It was believed two people were still in the canal, believed to have drowned. The search is ongoing.


Video Clip from 123 khondee Mee Namjai Facebook Page

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